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Shell brought together solutions that can respond to the expectations of the whole enterprise customers and services in Turkey, under the roof of Shell Fleet Solutions. With the slogan "The future is starting today", Shell aims to be the solution partner of the new companies with their new end-to-end applications to meet the operational needs of their customers.

Shell, investing both today and in the future, taking into account market and customer needs, thanks to these properties continues to maintain its leadership in the sector in the world and Turkey.

Change and the future are an important part of the strategies that Shell's enterprise customers offer to their corporate and operational needs.

Shell changes this journey that began with the Vehicle Recognition System 22 years ago, with a renewed perspective and rhetoric. Shell Commercial Fleet business line, instead of Shell Commercial Fleet, the new name of Shell Fleet Solutions has been renewed both in Turkey and on a global level.

 This innovation, along with the key message " Future Begins Today", includes all of the visions and values Shell offers to its customers beyond name change. Shell Fleet Solutions, based on the technology, digital world, not only fuel specific; represents the transformation that provides end-to-end procurement management for the smooth execution of operations, deliveries and logistics. Shell Fleet Solutions has reorganized its corporate stakeholder solutions to meet the operational needs of companies by categorizing their solutions in 5 main areas: customer experience, transportation solutions, security, road services and alternative energy solutions.

With Shell Fleet Solutions, companies will receive services such as TTS, Shell Partner Card, Shell Practical Card, Shell FiloPlatform, Shell Business Club, Road Services and Shell Card under one roof. Approximately 35.000 companies, more than 550.000 vehicles in the Turkey can benefit from the services given nearly in 1000 Shell Stations all over the Turkey, thanks to continuous communication with online system connectivity, effective and practical fleet management and the extensive service network provided by Shell Fleet Solutions. Shell Filo solutions offer you the ability to easily manage your fleet without leaving your office thanks to its advanced online infrastructure.

"We are continuing to be a partner in all transportation solutions beyond fuel supply to fleet-owned corporate companies and SMEs," said Shell Fleet Solutions Director Mehmet Unal, who stated that they will carry forward the leading role in the sector with this change.

Shell Commercial Fleet Department's new name is Shell Fleet Solutions!

The Shell Fleet Solutions department held the 2018 Premium Reseller Sales Summit in March to discuss the innovations that took place. This year, as well as Shell's 27 premium dealers, also 27 dealer owner attended the summit organized in two stages with the theme of "Make Difference", except 150 person from the dealership sales and operations team. On the first day of the organization, Shell Fleet Solutions Director Mehmet Ünal shared the plans and priorities for the year 2017 with sales teams.

On the second day of the organization, Shell Fleet Solutions was launched with the slogan "Future Starts Today" and introduced to sales teams. In addition to the fuels developed with Dynaflex Technology, the renewed Shell Business Club and the Shell FiloPlatform, the new product, Shell Pratik Kart, was also presented at the event. At the end of the event, winners were given awards in the " The Difference creator is Human " competition organized according to the Shell Fleet Solutions success criteria.

In the second part of the event, Shell Fleet Solutions hosted premium dealers. During the meeting, the Shell Fleet Solutions were introduced to the participants, and 2018 vision, marketing program and activities to be performed this year were shared. Following their meeting with Shell business partners, Prof. Dr. Asaf Savas Akat shared short and long-term expectations for the Turkish economy.

Shell Fleet Solutions, which regularly performs regional and general training for premium dealers every year, is trying to encourage business partners to develop excellence on sale with the "The Difference creator is Human" program.

Shell Fleet Solutions Products and Services

Vehicle Recognition System (VRS): Shell TTS, used by firms all over Turkey, offers a practical and fast fuel economy, payment and accountability, continuous communication, fast service, efficient and practical fleet management with an advanced online system link. Thanks to its advanced online infrastructure, instant data analysis allows you to manage your fleet easily without leaving your office thanks to reporting on the vehicle and periodic basis.

Shell Fleetplatform: It is a fleet management system that integrates with TTS, tracking and controlling computers, smartphones, tablets with 7 days 24-hour internet connection thanks to GPS in vehicles. Thanks to the system, a large number of information, such as speeds of vehicles, routes they have watched, places to stop, idle time, can be reported instantaneously and retrospectively through maps. Through fuel integration, vehicle-based fuel consumption can be analyzed. Shell FleetPlatform's premium product Integrated Driving Safety System offers companies the ability to measure driving behaviors, as well as learn more about where cars are used.

Shell Business Club: Shell Business Club is an advantage club designed for Shell's corporate clients. Offers companies the benefits of "vehicle, office, shopping, productivity and travel" categories.

Shell Partner Card: Firms can offer fuel cards to subcontractors who work with Shell Partner Card. Companies get good quality fuel for their fleet thanks to this card and enjoy 7/24 hours of all the services at Shell stations.

Shell Practical Card: Shell's new payment method Shell Practical Card is a casual fuel card that facilitates the payment process only for fuel purchases. Firms can provide its corporate partners and employees with Practical Card, in order to meet seasonal fuel purchases. It is possible to upload and update online balance, to get reports and to conduct detailed reviews with the Practical Card, which provides operational convenience with a single invoice.

Shell Card: It is an international fuel card used by companies in Europe to control fuel purchase. Thanks to the Shell Card, companies can manage their fleets through the website without leaving the office. It is also possible to use the card in road services, pay road tolls and taxes, get road assistance .

Shell Road Services: It provides easy, convenient, and fast migration by providing Fast Transition System (FTS) services to fleets for bridges and highway transitions in Turkey. With shell road services, companies get rid of the cost of paying cash, and charges are added to a single invoice that applies to the entire fleet. At this point, companies can manage their costs more easily and efficiently by removing the risk of violation.