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Shell &Turcas, for the first time in Turkey, established the first "Shell LNG Filling System" for use in road transport.

Shell&Turcas, for the first time in Turkey, started a new era in the use of LNG in trucks as an alternative fuel for road transport. Shell&Turcas, offered the LNG fuel, which is more economical and also reduces carbon emissions by up to 15 percent of emissions with cleaner combustion and fuel costs by up to 35 percent, to the use of Turkey's logistics industry.

In this context, Shell&Turcas, who made a first in road transport, established the first "Shell LNG Filling System" at Ismet Yilmaz Logistics' logistics operation center in Dilovasi. Factory made IVECO Stralis NP460 LNG truck and three LNG converted from diesel trucks started their logistics operations in Turkey highways. Shell & Turcas will soon launch the "Shell LNG Filling System" and LNG trucks for use by other logistics companies.

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan, published by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, promotes the use of more economical and environmentally friendly alternative fuels in the logistics sector. Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), relevant public institutions and organizations carried out necessary legislation studies about use of LNG, an alternative fuel in the world's road transport, in Turkey.

Shell, a leader in the LNG sector with nearly 50 years of experience, is making significant strides towards increasing the use of LNG, a cleaner burning fuel that offers cost advantages, in the maritime and road transport sector. Global investment in new fuels research and development is $ 1 billion every year. Turkey is among the priority countries for Shell with the young, dynamic population and growing economy. For this reason, Turkey became one of the top six countries in the world where "Shell LNG Filling System" was established.

Shell's Turkey Chairman Ahmet Erdem, "we realize another first in the Turkish fuel sector. More and cleaner energy demands are increasing rapidly in our country and in the world. This demand must be met with different energy sources. LNG in this framework is now being offered as an alternative for the logistics sector in many countries. We would like to thank all the institutions and organizations that have prepared our country for this innovation. LNG, which is lower than diesel for its import price, will save up to 35 per cent in diesel fuel when used as fuel for road transport and will also have a positive impact on the current account deficit. LNG is also a cleaner burning energy source "he said.

Shell & Turcas Aims To Build Shell Lng Station Network In Turkey.

Shell & Turcas CEO Felix Faber, by introducing the logistics industry with the economic and environmental fuels of the future, and emphasising aim to create a network of Shell LNG station in Turkey: Logistics sector, which is the backbone of Turkey's exports, has an important place in the world. We evaluate Turkey as a country with high priority and potential country for LNG station investments. For the logistics industry to maintain its competitive position in international markets, we offer the LNG of the future to our customers in Turkey.We established the first "Shell LNG Filling System" at Ismet Yilmaz Logistics's logistics operation center in Dilovasi.

As a good result of Shell's partnerships with vehicle manufacturers in the world or in the country, we, with IVECO, brought factory production of LNG trucks for the first time to Turkey. We thank both Ismet Lojistik and IVECO for their cooperation with us. In the near future, as Shell & Turcas, we will offer "Shell LNG Filling System" as well as factory-produced and converted LNG trucks for use by other logistics companies.”-he said. Expressing its appreciation to all stakeholders who play an active role in the realization of the project, Faber said that, Shell will also invest and provide facilities for the supply of LNG stations to the logistics companies operating in the international highways outside of Turkey.

In cooperation with Shell & Turcas, Ismet Yılmaz Logistics General Manager Aaron Yilmaz expressed satisfaction with the use of the first LNG trucks in road transport; "As Ismet Yilmaz Logistics, our company, which has been operating in the logistics sector for 50 years, we are in the first project of LNG, which is new fuel both for sector and Turkey and will bring a competitive advantage to the Turkey's logistics sector."-he said. Also with our group company, Iyl Energy - in our trucks; we aim to go beyond the standards of efficiency and quality, using new, environmentally friendly and saving potential high Shell LNG fuels. We are very happy for corporating with Shell. We thank to Shell, which is a leader on LNG sector in the world, for giving us this opportunity.

Taking part in such a project is a source of pride for us as Ismet Yilmaz Logistics. " he said.

Roberto Camatte, General Manager of IVECO Turkey, which leads the road transport sector with the latest "Natural Power" technology; "As the leader in alternative fuel types, IVECO currently employs more than 25,000 alternative fuel vehicles in the world and more than 6,000 of them are trucks carrying heavy loads. IVECO, with Stralis NP460, which received the lowest carbon emission truck award in the UK, gives direction to sustainable long-distance transport. For the first time in Turkey, we will present IVECO Stralis NP460 LNG truck, which thanks to its unique combination, especially developed for long distance runs, with Perfect Power (460 hp), fuel economy and range features up to 1,600 km, to customers with the cooperation of Shell.

We are delighted to collaborate with Shell, a leader in the LNG sector in the world. " he said.